Humane Network Services


Humane Network is committed to helping communities dramatically and responsibly increase animal lifesaving and create sustainable results. We offer personalized consulting, practical information, model programs, and networking opportunities to humane organizations, animal services agencies, rescue groups, and concerned citizens.

We help you or your organization:
• Achieve your lifesaving goals through responsible, sustainable strategies.
• Provide services to your communities with dependability and quality customer service.
• Involve your community in helping create and sustain positive change.
• Employ sound business practices and technologies to increase efficiencies and effectiveness.

Why Hire Humane Network?

• Humane Network is the only consulting team in the U.S. who has created and sustained a community-wide live release rate of over 92% for dogs and cats for over five years.
• Our team includes experts in the fields of non-profit management, facilitation, animal shelter operations, field services, and animal behavior.
• Our team of consultants have over 75 combined years of experience in the animal welfare field.
• Humane Network provides economical solutions to organizations of all sizes from municipal animal services agencies to start-up shelters.